Litters are bred infrequently because I plan carefully to assure that I have the time and energy required to raise a litter of puppies to be well-socialized, happy individuals.  Sires and dams are chosen carefully for their temperament, physical conformation, health (including hip, patella, elbow evaluation, eye, thyroid, and cardiac status) and performance aptitude.  Puppies are raised in our home, initially in a quiet bedroom area and then at 4 weeks of age, they move into the middle of our kitchen so that they have excellent stimulation and interaction with people.  The goal is to produce puppies who are equipped to live happy and healthy lives first and foremost as companions.  All puppies are placed in their new homes with a written contract and veterinarian evaluation of health.

To inquire as to whether or not I may have puppies available, please feel free to email me.Then, we’ll need to talk about what you want in a puppy and what we expect to have.  We want to be sure that a French Bulldog is the right dog for your home as a puppy is a lifetime commitment.  It is very possible for you to get a puppy even if you do not live within driveable distance; we work out a solution for you and your family.


Puppies due February/March 2021!

To be put on the waiting list, email me at